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Tank container

   Developed for realizing the container transportation of liquid, powdered and granular medias, tank container boasts all of the advantages of container transportation. It can realize point-to-point transportation, providing more convenient and immediate transportation. It can also be used as reservoir vessel for the separation between tank and vehicle. The physical dimension of tank container is 20 inch X 40 inch (According to international standard).

Liquefied gases tank container
aximal filling capacity achievable in design
The materials for the shell of tank include carbon steel, low-alloy steel and stainless steel etc.
The medias used in the liquefied gases tank container include liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, liquid nitrogen and liquefied chlorine gas etc. For the medias outside of the scope stipulated by regulation, the company may organize to report for approval and conduct specialized design.

Cryogenic liquid tank container
Maximal filling capacity achievable in design
Applicable medias : LO2, LN2, LAr LCO2LNG etc.
Adopting High Vacuum multilayer thermal insulation, vacuum-powders insulation and polyurethane sparkling thermal insulation, it has sound heat-insulating property.
Advanced design in pipeline and flow chart achieve more concise, safe and reliable operation and convenient maintenance.


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